Add Nivo Slider to twentyten


One of the best sliders around is one called the Nivo Slider. It is fairly easy to manually add to the default WordPress theme “twentyten”. This article details the process of doing this. Continue reading

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Free Web Site – Finishing Off

Default Theme

Login to your dashboard “” (in my example, blogname = awm473) to check out the theme being used. Under the Appearance menu item in the Themes sub-menu item, you will be shown that the theme being used for the web site is “Caroline”. There are many other theme options which are available to you, which can be checked out by clicking on the A-Z button. There are over one hundred of them to choose from.

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Free Web Site – Explaining the Terms

The WordPress Dashboard

The image in the last post shows the site’s dashboard where you can write new posts and pages and where you can control the site’s settings and features. Note that to toggle the Welcome box off and on, click on the “Are you new here?” box in the upper right corner of the dashboard screen.

The dashboard is only visible to you, the site owner, and, in my example, can be found at

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Free Web Site – Setup

In the following documentation, I will document the steps I took to set up my example web site

1. Go to and click on the “Get Started” button.

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Free Web Site, the home of this web site, offers you the option of setting up your own free WordPress web site. Here is an link to an example web site that I have created – This is a screen image of the site as originally set up, it does change as you make changes to the site. Later pictures will reflect these changes.

In my next post, I will start the process of setting up a new WordPress web site similar to the one pictured above…

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