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Create a 4 Page Web Site with Static Home Page

I am a newbie to WordPress and am learning as I go. I was very much interested in finding out how to create a web site like the one detailed below, a site with a static home page and a separate Blog page.

I created my 4-page web site on a local WordPress test system using WordPress 3.0.1, created as a new test system, with just a database, and the new default Twentyten theme. The Twentyten theme comes with a dummy post and an About page. I then copied what I had done locally and created this site on wordpress.com.

I realize that this may not be a real working system but I wanted to try and get the web site up and working as a 4-page web site with the static home page.

After installing a new database and reinstalling WordPress into the new database, I did the following to set up the test 4-page web site. The web site had the following requirements:

  • – 4 pages,
  • page 1: Home, with static content,
  • page 2: Blog, with the posts content,
  • page 3: About Us, with static content, and
  • page 4: Contact Us, with static content

Steps used to create the web site:

  1. change permalinks to ‘%postname%’
  2. delete Akismet plugin, not required on a local wordpress site,
    as well, it was asking to be updated to a new level
  3. add ‘Contact Us’ page (using add Page function in Dashboard) with some dummy content, change permalink to ‘about’
  4. change header image to a new picture (940×198)
  5. add new ‘Home’ Page using ‘add Page’ function in the Dashboard,
    add some dummy content to the page, and use the default page template,
  6. add new ‘Blog’ page using ‘add Page’ function in the Dashboard,
    add NO dummy content to the page, and use the default page template
  7. reset ‘Blog’ to the posts page and ‘Home’ as the new home page
              – click on Settings
              – click on Reading
              – under Front page displays,
                    click on ‘a static page’,
                    select ‘Home’ for the Front Page,
                    select ‘Blog’ for the Posts Page
                    save changes
  8. assign page order number to each page:
              Home – 1, Blog – 2, About Us – 3, Contact Us – 4

This should result in a 4-page web site with static Home, About, and Contact pages and a Blog page for posts to the site. It can now be modified to your wishes in your own work envirment. I put this site up on wordpress.com so that others could see what I have done.

I did try to do this with a different local wordpress setup and did get the double ‘Home’ link. That is why I started from scratch with a new database and the default theme. In this example, I do not get the double link, not sure why, I don’t know enough about WP yet.

Let me know how this works for you.

p.s. Further to the double ‘Home’ link problem, I believe that the problem is caused by the code used to display the main menu. If the menu is displayed using a function to display a ‘home’ link, and then uses wp_list_pages to display the rest of the pages, then if a ‘home’ page has been created, it will show up when you display a ‘home’ link and then also when you display the pages using the wp_list_pages function. To avod the double display, alter the way you display the main menu.

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