Starkers – part 3

After you have unzipped the latest download copy of the Starkers Theme, you will see that the main folder consists of 3 sub-folders, css, images, and languages.

The ‘css’ folder consists of 4 files, ie.css, layout.css, reset.css, and typography.css. The ‘images’ folder consists of a folder which contains 2 iamges of the header for the theme, and a WordPress image. The ‘languages’ folder contains one file, an unreadable (for me) Powerpoint file. The main theme folder contains the main theme php files along with the style.css file, index.php and style.css are the two required files in a Wodpress theme. Every theme will contain at least these two files.

Following is a description of the contents of the files in the theme:

CSS Style Files

There are 5 CSS files contained in the theme. ie.css is a dummy css file for IE browsers and is not currently called for in the theme. If needed, add a conditional statement in the head section in header.php to include this file. In the order in which they are cascaded, theother css files used are reset.css, typography.css, layout.css and style.css.


All of the images for the theme can be uploaded to the images folder in the starkers theme folder. To access the images in this folder, you can use the following bloginfo function “<?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’); ?>/images/sample.jpg”. ‘template_directory’ returns the address of the Starkers theme folder. Watch out for the upload images function, it loads images into the wp-content/uploads folder by default. If you want to put them into the starkers/images folder, then you will need to change the upload location for images in the Media area under Settings. Note that the version of WordPress used at does not show this option, you are not allowed to change the upload location for your images.

Note that if you call for an image from within the stylesheet ‘style.css’, then all you need to specify is ‘images/sample.jpg’ in the css code e.g. body {background: transparent url (images/sample.jpg) no-repeat;}. Much simpler and neater.

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  1. benn says:

    thanks for the info!! i never realised how to call the images without that php snippet!

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