Aurelius – installing WordPress locally

Following are some links to help you install WordPress locally. Why install locally? This allows you to experiment and work with WordPress without buying a web domain. All of your work can be done on your own computer without using the internet.

These links cover the subject quite adequately so that is why I do not display my own steps in the procedure of installing WordPress locally. There is enough duplication of documentation on the internet without me contributing more.


Using the links above, you should install XAMPP or MAMP and the latest version of WordPress on your computer. Once you are done, download the BLANK theme from DigWP (see the link above) and unzip it into the wp-content/themes folder in the XAMPP/MAMP wordpress folder you have just created.

Our next step, next time, is to adjust the Blank theme for our purposes and get ready to login to WordPresss and start exploring it. Stay tuned for more…

Any comments or feedback?

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