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In an earlier post, we created a folder called AureliusWP, the WordPress theme folder which we will need to change to show our web site pages as we want them to be displayed. WordPress uses a combination of php code, HTML/CSS code and the WordPress database to do all this. The content from Posts and Pages is stored in the WordPress database and retrieved using WordPress template tags and the page is styled using HTML and CSS code.

Theme Files

Each of the files in the “AureliusWP” theme folder perform a certain function. Here is a list of those you will find there and what they do.

404.php Error page, served up when someone goes to a URL on your site that does not exist
archive.php Page that displays posts in one particular day, month, year, category, tag, or author
comments.php This file delivers all the comments, pingbacks, trackbacks, and the comment form when called
footer.php Included at the bottom of every page. Closes off all sections. (Copyright, analytics, etc)
functions.php File to include special behavoiur for your theme
header.php Included at the top of every page, (DOCTYPE, head section, navigation, etc)
images FOLDER – Keeps all the images that make up your theme in one place
index.php This is typically the “homepage” of your blog, but also the default should any other view be missing
page.php Template for Pages, the WordPress version of static-style/non-blog content
screenshot.png This is the image thumbnail of your theme, for help distinguishing it in the Appearances picker
search.php The search results page template
searchform.php The search form template, sometimes called from the sidebar.
sidebar.php Included on pages where/when/if you want a sidebar
single.php This file displays a single Post in full (the Posts permalinks), typically with comments
style.css The styling information for your theme, required for your theme, even if you don’t use it

Note: to separate the data used in a theme like AureliusWP from updates to the underlying WordPress installation, it is advisable to put the images to be used on your web site into the images folder contained in the theme’s folder. The default location used by WordPress when you upload images is defined in the Media link under Settings on the dashboard, to use the images folder in the AureliusWP theme folder, earlier we entered “wp-content/themes/AureliusWP/images” in the Store uploads in this folder area. If your theme name is not “AureliusWP”, then change the value of AureliusWP to the name you are using.

Note: “index.php” and “style.css” are the only two files actually required for a WordPress theme. Everything else is added to provide additional function to the WordPress theme.

Some references to read more about WordPress Templates from the site (a great resource for WordPress information):

Next time, I will make some more adjustments to the AureliusWP theme before beginning the conversion to a WordPress theme. Stay tuned…

Any comments or feedback?

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