I have a test WordPress site called Cityscape, I figured that I could use a shortcode to generate the code for an entry for each business in the community and the following documents the code for that shortcode that I created to do this. I found an article on Net Tuts that covered WordPress Shortcodes called WordPress Shortcodes – The Right Way

You would call the shortcode by putting this code into a Post entry (one per business in the community), for example:

[newbiz name="wendys" src=""]

and this would generate a Post entry like this:

clicking on the image will take you to the company’s web site or an infomation page about the company if they do not have a web site.

Create the following code in functions.php:

// [newbiz name="dummy", url=""]
function newbiz( $atts ) {
	extract( shortcode_atts( array(
		"name" => '',
		"url"  => '',
	), $atts ) );

	return '
        <div class="box1">
           <a href="'.$url.'">
           <img src="'.$name.'.jpg" alt="" title="'.$name.'" width="152" height="125" /></a> 
add_shortcode( 'newbiz', 'newbiz' );

The following code is generated by the shortcode:

<div class="box1">
   <a href="">
   <img src="" 
      alt ="" title="wendys" width="152" height="125" /></a>
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Sitename Theme

Jeffrey Way of created a series of articles on that site which converted a PSD to an HTML/CSS template. The article was called Convert a Warm, Cheerful Web Design to HTML and CSS and his final intent with the series was to convert the template into a WordPress theme. This has not been done yet but here is a link to the code I have generated to convert this into a WordPress theme.

There are still some elements of my theme that are not finished but it does represent a good start, there are plenty of questions about it that remain to be answered. As these questions get answered, I will make updates to the zip file pointed to by the link shown above.

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Aurelius – WP version

Ran across a version of this template as a WordPress theme yesterday, at, so I need to find another template to convert to WP, I won’t continue with this one.

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Aurelius – more adjustments

Before we can begin the conversion of the HTML template into a WordPress theme, we need to do some more adjustments to our AureliusWP theme code. The Aurelius HTML template has 5 pages listed in the main navigation menu: Home, About, Portfolio, Blog and Contact Us. We need to set up these pages within WordPress.

To set up the pages, login to localhost and then:

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Aurelius – inside WordPress

In an earlier post, we created a folder called AureliusWP, the WordPress theme folder which we will need to change to show our web site pages as we want them to be displayed. WordPress uses a combination of php code, HTML/CSS code and the WordPress database to do all this. The content from Posts and Pages is stored in the WordPress database and retrieved using WordPress template tags and the page is styled using HTML and CSS code.

Theme Files

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