Pintsize and Beyond

The WordPress default theme is now Twentyeleven, 851KB in size. Starting out dabbling in WordPress, I suggest that you start with a much smaller theme. I have created one called Pintsize, 14KB in size. It has fewer files yet will show a standard layout web page with a header and navigation, content, sidebar and footer. I intend to look at all of the code contained in this theme and document what each part does, a much simpler task with a smaller theme.

Download the theme, unzip it into a work data set, then copy it into the WordPress wp-content/themes folder. To use the theme, it does need to be activated, login to your local WP system, on the dashboard, click on Appearances, and then on Themes. Along with Twentyeleven, the new theme Pintsize should show up in the themes list. Click on Activate and the Pintsize theme code will now be used to display your web pages. To see the effect, click on Pages and view the default page.

Sample Page:


Click on Home to see the Home page:

pintsize home mini

A minimal theme is now active and we can start exploring the files and folders contained in it. all of the code which the Pintsize theme uses is in the wp-content/themes/Pintsize folder. Open the Pintsize folder and you will see a bunch of folders and files. More on these files and folders next time…


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